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Yes, You can link card with Paypal and Verify your PayPal Account easily within a minutes.

Yes! You can use our card for Facebook, Google ads, Bing ads and at any online payment from at anywhere on the world.

Here is our few supported company list according to our client experience Paypal, gosuperclean.com , Facebook ads, HumbleFax, D&E MEDIA ,GLDSCR.COM, crdfrm.com , my3bsc.com, CRSCR.COM , Just Eat , Google Play, IBM CORPORATION , Neteller , Skrill , Amazon web services , ALIBABACLOUD.COM , ORACLE USA INC , DISTROKID COM, NETFLIX.COM ,ECHST.NET, DDITSERVICES.COM , VS3.COM , APPLE.COM, GODADDY.COM , Kennards Storage - Cam, EXITLAG, ovh.com , Cloudboxes.io, PARIRIS.COM , PEREJO.COM , VACC2D.COM, urkue.com , AWS EMEA WWW.1AND1.COM, BUILDERALL, BINANCE BITCOIN And many more.

You can use our virtual card from anywhere in the world.

Yes it's a reloadable virtual card if you buy Flash Card. You can deposit to your ViavCard account anytime, and your ViavCard USD balance = your card balance. Balances be used with the virtual card.

Just sign up to our website, confirm your email and log into your account. On your account panel, you will see Virtual Card option on the left side menu. Go to Virtual Card and you can create your virtual card with any name.

When you will add the card to your PayPal account, PayPal will cut 1 USD from your card. Then a confirmation message will be shown on PayPal, when you will click confirm card, PayPal will cut another 1.95 USD from your virtual card balance. Now check your transaction page on your ViavCard account, you will see that PayPal has charged 1.95 USD, you can see the transaction description on the transaction page and the description will contain the confirmation code, enter this code into your PayPal account and the card will be verified. Note: You don't have to wait to see the transaction of 1.95 USD on your transaction page like other cards, it's instant and you can see it once you click on confirm card and everything goes fine. But remember, as PayPal is charging 1+1.95 = a total of 2.95 USD, so you must have at least 3-5 USD in your card balance to run this process smoothly.

Login to your ViavCard account, Click on Deposit located on right side and then you can deposit via many payment methods.

Just deposit money to your ViavCard account in USD, Click on My virtual cards located on right side and then Choose the card you want to add money and press fund card, then add the amount you want to add to the card and press pay. The amount will be deducted from your account balance in ViavCard

1 USD, it also depends on deposit methods.

Yes, you can withdraw your money in the card to the ViavCard account balance and from there to to your Bank Account, PayPal, Perfect Money, Payoneer wise and more...

An OTP code may be required to authenticate transactions on the virtual credit card. The OTP code will be sent automatic to email.